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Cms application Development

Csm stands for content management systems, They make system in the way that are easy to use even for none computer skilled users, it easy to manage contents while using cms platform to develop and design your website. Simplicity of using cms doesnt mean poor or cheap website, Cms has high quality website with strong security features that make tuff job for hackers to attack. There is no limit of platform Mit web solution can work with, However we keep focus on major 3 platforms of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


WordPress is a cms developed with core languages PHP,HTML and Css, WordPress is a Popular cms that is used to develop a full commercial website, with wordpress it is possible to develop almost all possible kind of website. One of great feature of wordpress is its blogging nature. With wordpress client can opt for static front page or dynamic front page showing latest post. You can see great website susch as Fairtravel Tanzania, Wildbug Adventure and Easy Travel designed using wordpress. You cann contact us to make your order by call us through +255765531495 24hrs 7 days.


Joomla is an open source content management system. The core language that make joomla are Php, html and Css. It is easy to manage content using joomla platfor m even for non computer skilled usuers.  Cor components that make joomla are modules, menus, contents and extension manager. Joomla has a lot of plugins that amke it very useful and reliable. It not easy to hack a website developed using joomla. It has high security feature that make it a choice of many developers


Drupal is an open source software package written in PHP.  It enables individuals to easily create and publish wide variety of content. With dozens of freely available add-on modules, it is possible to install a lot of additional features via admin interface like spell check, AdSense ads, chat, mailing list and e-commerce modules, PayPal framework to name a few.