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Website Design

Service Overview

Keep it Simple and Professional We design a professional and affordable Websites and Blogs for small to reputable companies.

Find us today and be online tomorrow is our simple design strategy .Mits Web Solution creates Website, blogs and Systems that fulfill your business desires. By simply provides your requirements together with texts images and videos you wish to incorparate on your website and get surprised with the amazing look and feel Website after few hours.

Charges for Website design

Our Website design service starts from TZSh. 389,000/= VAT inclusive and Blog (Blogspot) we do design for only TSH. 200,000/= the price may change depending on the number and complexity of pages and contents (Graphics, Videos, Forms or Scripts) used in development.

Website Maintenance

For organizations or individuals having a running website, we have Professional web designers to maintain, update and delete information on your website any time you wish to update your web page contents.

Charges for re-design

Our Price depends with the contents of the page to be maintained, it starts from TZSh. 30,000/= per page, For example replacing old picture with the new one.

Bundle Prices for Updating Webpages are:

1. Bundle of 1-5 pages – TZSh. 200,000/= 2. Bundle of 5-10 pages – TZSh. 300,000/= 3. Bundle of10- 25 pages – TZSh. 400,000/=